Food Photos in Pondok Wisata Angel, Medan, Indonesia

Heritage Sixteen Website

Website and photography for Heritage Sixteen Hotel on Penang Island, Malaysia

Koh Samui & Koh Phangan

Eating antibiotics, relaxing and writing hostel reviews

Nihn Binh and Cuc Phuong National Park

Trying to solve my motorbike problems and visiting Ninh Binh and its surroundings

Motorbikes and Girls

Dealing with Vietnamese motorbikes, driving 1200 km in 3 days and getting sentimental over Czech language

The Northern Loop on a cheap Honda Win

4 rainy days of breathtaking views on a cheap Vietnamese motorbike

Back in Hanoi

Back to Hanoi for two weeks and experiencing the culture

Cat Ba Island

I am in love with this place. The island is not so big, but the life here is pretty relaxed and quiet. See you again one day Cat Ba island.

First days in Vietnam

Getting to know how it works here. This is an amazing country, but things doesn’t work as expected. I need to learn how live in this environment.

On my way to Vietnam

Looks like I won’t make it, but I just keep going

Doi Inthanon national park on a scooter

Chasing a girl 300 km in a heavy rain and falling in love with a scooter instead.

Songkran – Thai New Year celebration in Chiang Mai

Songkran is a celebration of Thai New Year starting on 13th of April and continuing for another 2 days. It was the best New Year’s celebration that I have ever experienced. People grab their waterguns and they enter a city turned into a battle zone. People shoot from trucks, buses, motorbikes or while running. Smiles on the faces and fun everywhere.

Staying with my Pai family

Pai was “same same but different” for me. It is small Thai town, but it lives in there. There are plenty of tourists and in the evening tourists are the majority of the population. It is easy to orientate in this town. There is one bar street where everyone is partying till 12 pm. That is the time when everything closes.