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Nihn Binh and Cuc Phuong National Park

Trying to solve my motorbike problems and visiting Ninh Binh and its surroundings

Motorbikes and Girls

Dealing with Vietnamese motorbikes, driving 1200 km in 3 days and getting sentimental over Czech language

The Northern Loop on a cheap Honda Win

4 rainy days of breathtaking views on a cheap Vietnamese motorbike

First days in Vietnam

Getting to know how it works here. This is an amazing country, but things doesn’t work as expected. I need to learn how live in this environment.

Songkran – Thai New Year celebration in Chiang Mai

Songkran is a celebration of Thai New Year starting on 13th of April and continuing for another 2 days. It was the best New Year’s celebration that I have ever experienced. People grab their waterguns and they enter a city turned into a battle zone. People shoot from trucks, buses, motorbikes or while running. Smiles on the faces and fun everywhere.

Staying with my Pai family

Pai was “same same but different” for me. It is small Thai town, but it lives in there. There are plenty of tourists and in the evening tourists are the majority of the population. It is easy to orientate in this town. There is one bar street where everyone is partying till 12 pm. That is the time when everything closes.

Chiang Mai, Doi Suthep and surroundings

Exploring surrounding of Chiang Mai on a motorbike. Temples, jungle, small villages and waterfalls. Chiang Mai is a great place for expats – nice weather, not so overcrowded as Bangkok, but still plenty of services and great infrastructure.

Warsawa artwork

Visiting Wroclaw and Warsaw on the way to Thailand

I was flying from Warsaw to Bangkok and I didn’t want to loose this opportunity of exploring some new place. I was travelling by a train to Wroclaw, for few hours I was exploring this city and then I flew to Warsaw for another 2 days.

Walking GR7 trail from El Chorro to Tarifa, Andalusia, Spain

Solo adventure hiking from El Chorro to Tarifa. Wellknown GR7 trail with amazing viewpoints gives an opportunity to see Andalusia in it’s full beauty. Hills, fields, rocks, olive and almond trees, forests, plenty of cows and sheep. Andalusia’s villages, towns and cities have a long history. There are plenty of monuments which remind of Arabic influence and also of old Spanish culture. Andalusia has everything – nice weather all year round, there is a nice coastline with beaches suitable for surfing, one of the best climbing spots in the world, etc.

El Chorro

Camping in the forrest, policemen, walking and volunteering in climbers camp in El Chorro, Spain, 3.2.-8.3.2017