When I was walking across Canary Islands, I saw some motorbikes in the desert and I really liked idea of having one. Back in 2010 I was enjoying riding old Jawa 555. It was just 50cc, it was not about speed, but it was light reliable motorbike which I was able to repair by myself. After starting my studies, I stopped riding it and I was focused on writing computer programs and learning for exams. The feeling of cutting through the air was still there though. I was also thinking that I can have a motorbike for travelling across different countries without this need for searching and booking different bus/train/flight tickets and also with motorbike I would gain freedom to go anywhere I wanted. After going back from Canaries to Czech Republic, I was still thinking about this and I started researching about some enduro and dual-sport motorbikes. I wasn’t sure about having big motorbike, but from what I found out, this is the most efficient way for travelling long distances.

Jawa 555

Jawa 555

I went to Prague to discuss my thesis at university and I had few minutes before the meeting. I was browsing through second-hand online store and I found BMW F650 motorbike with 40000km, in beautiful shape and for very nice price of 37000CZK (~1370EUR). This motorbike is exactly what I was looking for – it is much lighter than big BMW 1200gs motorbike and it is very reliable because it uses Rotax engine which many times proved itself reliable (for example Benka Pulko‘s 6 years travelling around the world).

I tried to call the seller and we arranged a meeting. After my thesis meeting I jumped on a bus to Liberec. It was getting cloudy and by the time I arrived there, it was already raining. When I saw this motorbike for the first time, I knew I want it. Problem was that I was wearing a suit, it was raining, getting dark and also it was my first experience with motorbike like this. Nothing of that mattered, because I already decided. Fortunatelly the seller sold me motorbike trousers, jacket, helmet and gloves also. It was already 7PM when I started my journey to Pardubice. My helmet was all foggy and I drove really slow. My sister was getting married the next day, so I needed to get to Pardubice (155km) in reasonable time and alive, so that I can help her in the morning and prepare the wedding ceremony with her.

That's her

That’s her

Combination of night, rain and nearly no experience was the best school for learning how to drive this motorbike. I was trying to feel every movement and being one with the motorbike. When I was getting closer to Pardubice, I had to dim my light because there was a car getting closer the other direction. After switching it back, there was a roundabout right ahead of me. I started braking and the motorcycle started sliding. To the right, to the left… somehow I managed to get behind this roundabout without any harm by drifting around it. I still don’t know how I did it. My autopilot saved me.

Later the seller texted me, that he sold many motorbikes before, but I was the first one who arrived wearing a suit. Yes, it must have been funny for him 🙂