Cognitive sciences show that while people are looking at photographies, they focus on people and escpecially their faces – eyes and mouths. As someone who tried to draw human faces I know that very slight change in mimics and shades can change the emotion you will get from that face. My goal in this project was to compare how people express their feelings. Everyone is different and there is contrast in peoples emotions. I worked with actors from Prague and I gave them some 10 different sentences that they were about to imagine and express.

  1. They stole my bicycle
  2. Mum, I want this lego, I want, I want, I want
  3. Wake up lazy one! No, just a little bit more time
  4. You are my archenemy
  5. I am so happy
  6. Shut up, or I’ll kill you!
  7. Don’t move!
  8. Are you *** serious?
  9. You know…It….hmm…somehow…you know
  10. Freeze

This project won price for the best student’s work at Czech University of Technical Sciences in 2013.