Ing. Martin Knapovský

Nomadic freelancer from Czech Republic

Currently staying in Egilsstaðir, Iceland and looking for a job in this little town that seems like heaven on Earth to me.

I am an IT engineer that is skilled in making websites and in linux server maintenance. I choose open-source for my projects and I build cloud services. I know how to disassemble and repair phones and computers and I also know how to make it run fast again. I am concerned about security and things like SSH, VPN and SSL are friends. If I need to program something, I choose the right tool, I learn it and I implement in way that it should be done – with documentation and with proper versioning and communication. I am curious about how things work and the biggest mystery that I study is human cognition.

I like physical activity – I believe that it is necessary for proper work of our brain. I hike a lot, I run, I ride bicycles and from time to time I go to gym to train Capoeira. With my hands I maintained hostels, worked in restaurants, on construction sites. I can also paint interiors and fix stuff.

My English is fluent and my moral code is being evolved by following my beliefs that are mostly built on science and Buddhism.

Address Miðgarður 1a, 701 Egilsstaðir, Iceland
Birthday 3.12.1988
Birthplace Olomouc, Czech Republic
Marital Status Single
Religion Buddhist
E-Mail martin[at]


2014-2017 University of Economics, Prague
Faculty of Informatics and Statistics
Cognitive informatics (Major), Philosophy (Minor)
Gradute Student, Master’s degree
2008-2012 University of Technology, Brno
Faculty of Information Technology
Information Technology
Bachelor’s degree
2000-2008 F.M. Pelcla, Rychnov nad Kněžnou
General Study


2013+ Freelancer
2017/08-2017/11 Heritage Sixteen, Penang, Malaysia
Marketing, Webdesing, Hotel maintenance
2017/07-2017/08 Titi Teras Village House
Repairing bicycles, Hostel maintenance
2017/02-2017/03 Olive Branch Climbers Camp, El Chorro, Spain
Kitchen work, Hostel maintenance
2016/06-2016/09 Italian restaurant La Casa Degli Amici, London, UK
Kitchen work, Marketing
WordPress – HTML5, PHP, JS
2015/09-2017/02 Research Assistant University of Economics
Management, Excel, Word
2013/09 – 2015/01
Frontend Developer – HTML5, JS, PHP (Nette)
2013/06 – 2014/01
Frontend Developer – HTML5, JS, PHP (Prestashop)
2012/07 – 2012/12
Backend Developer – HTML5, JS, PHP (Nette), MySQL
2011/09 – 2012/05 3D Logical Game in Javascript
Bachelor’s thesis for Red Hat, Brno


Computer Knowledge

  • Webdesing
  • Programming – Frontend/Backend
  • Setup Google Apps for your domain
  • Install OS
  • Update BIOS
  • Assemble PC
  • Setup VPN
  • Setup and maintain VPS
  • Setup your own cloud solution – Nextcloud
  • Install custom firmware into routers – OpenWRT, ddWRT
  • Install custom firmware into mobile phones – LineageOS
  • Setup and secure Wi-Fi network
  • CCTV setup
  • Web information scraping
  • Setup SSL certificate
  • ….


  • Singing – Choir Myšáci Prague
  • Guitar
  • Photography
  • Longboarding

Courses I’ve attended


University of Economics

  • Environmental Economics and Policy (2ZP501)
  • Methodology of Economics (5FI321)
  • Lean Management (3MA552)
  • Project Management IS/ICT (4IT414)
  • Enterprise Information Modelling (4IT415)
  • Foundations of Neurosciences (4IT420)
  • Simulation of Systems (4IT496)
  • Complex Systems (4IT636)
  • Intelligent System (4IZ631)
  • Introduction to the Systems Theory (4SA416)
  • Information and Inference Theory (4IZ410)
  • Rhetorics (5FI320)
  • Cognitive Science (5FI404)
  • Introduction to the Science Religion – (5FI417)
  • Philosophy 1 (5FI421)
  • Philosophy 2 (5FI422)
  • Philosophy 3 (5FI423)
  • Phenomenological Philosophy (5FI424)
  • Theory of Spontaneous Order and Self-Organization (5FI425)
  • Knowledge and Ontological Engineering (5FI430)

Brno University of Technology

  • Seminar of physics (25475/IFS)
  • Discrete Mathematics (25402/IDS)
  • Assembly Languages (25416/ISA)
  • Introduction To Programming Systems (25406/IZP)
  • Introduction To Software Engineering (25405/IUS)
  • Circuit Theory (25404/ITO)
  • Computer Hardware (25283/IPR)
  • Digital Systems Design (25289/INC)
  • Mathematical Analysis (25282/IMA)
  • Operating Systems (25285/IOS)
  • Physics (25280/IFY)
  • New Headway Intermediate 2 (26872/BAN4)
  • Algorithms (26695/IAL)
  • Rhetoric (25280/RET)
  • Signals and Systems (29438/ISS)
  • Numerical Methods and Probability (29426/INM)
  • Formal Languages and Compilers (29416/IFJ)
  • Educational Psychology (29514/IPSO)
  • Design of Computer Systems (29427/INP)
  • Principles of Programming Languages (29431/IPP)
  • Network Cabling and Routing (CCNA1+CCNA2) (29388/I1C)
  • Database Systems (29415/IDS)
  • Fundamentals of Artificial Intelligence (29448/IZU)
  • Computer Communications and Networks (29429/IPK)
  • Computer Graphics Principles (29446/IZG)
  • LAN Switching, Accessing the WAN (CCNA3+4) (31685/I2C)
  • Culture of Speech and the Generation of Texts (31703/IKPT)
  • Information Systems (31652/IIS)
  • Peripheral Devices (31667/IPZ)
  • Microprocessors and Embedded Systems (31656/IMP)
  • Modelling and Simulation (31657/IMS)
  • Network Applications and Network Administration (31669/ISA)
  • Term Project (31672/ISP)
  • User Interface Programming (31676/ITU)
  • Engineering Pedagogy and Didactics (31739/IIPD)
  • English: Preparatory Course for FCE Exam (31797/FCE)
  • The C++ Programming Language (31647/ICP)

České vysoké učení technické

  • Signal Processing (A6M31ANS)
  • Safety in Electrical Engineering 3 (A6M33BP3)
  • Physiology and Anatomy (A6M33FZG)
  • Medical Informatics (A6M33LI)
  • Assistive Technologies and Patient Supervision Systems (A6M33AST)
  • Medical Terminology (A6M33LTE)
  • Safety of Electric and Non-electric Devices and Management of Medical Technology (A6M33BEZ)
  • Biophysics (A6M02BFY)
  • Physics for Therapy (A6M02FPT)
  • Medical Imaging Systems (A6M33ZSL)
  • First Aid Training Course (A6M33ZPP)
  • Molecular Biology and Genetics (A6M33MBG)
  • Digital Photography (A7B33DIF)