Ing. Martin Knapovský

Freelancer from Czech Republic

I am an IT engineer that is skilled in making websites and in Linux server administration. I choose open-source for my projects and I host cloud services. I know how to disassemble and repair phones and computers and I also know how to make it run fast again. I am concerned about security and privacy – these days I’m working on an open-source alternative solution to common online services from Google, Microsoft, Apple etc.

IT is one side of my life, the other one is silviculture. I grow and plant trees – a job I find very meaningful to do. It is also some sort of meditation for me and I believe I’m quite good at it – my current record is 3500 trees per day in Egilsstaðir, Iceland. I like physical activity – I believe that it is necessary for a proper work of our brains.

While travelling around the world, I managed hostels, worked in restaurants, on construction sites, painted interiors and fixed a lot of stuff.

I use English as my main language these days and I build my life according to science and Buddhism.

Address Městská Habrová 1559, 51601 Rychnov nad Kněžnou, Czech Republic
Birthday 3.12.1988
Birthplace Olomouc, Czech Republic
Marital Status Single
Religion Buddhist
E-Mail martin[at]


2014-2017 University of Economics, Prague
Faculty of Informatics and Statistics
Cognitive informatics (Major), Philosophy (Minor)
Gradute Student, Master’s degree
2008-2012 University of Technology, Brno
Faculty of Information Technology
Information Technology
Bachelor’s degree
2000-2008 F.M. Pelcla, Rychnov nad Kněžnou
General Study


2013+ Freelancer
2018/08-2018/10 Icelandair Hotel, Egilsstaðir
Manager of the night shift
2018/05-2017/08 Áni Ræktum, Egilsstaðir
Planting trees
2018/05-2018/08 Barri Tree Nursery, Egilsstaðir
Growing trees
2016/06-2016/09 Italian restaurant La Casa Degli Amici, London, UK
Kitchen work, Marketing
Management, IT
2015/09-2017/02 Research Assistant University of Economics
Management, Excel, Word
2013/09 – 2015/01
Frontend Developer – HTML5, JS, PHP (Nette)
2013/06 – 2014/01
Frontend Developer – HTML5, JS, PHP (Prestashop)
2012/07 – 2012/12
Backend Developer – HTML5, JS, PHP (Nette), MySQL
2011/09 – 2012/05 3D Logical Game in Javascript
Bachelor’s thesis for Red Hat, Brno


  • Czech – Native Speaker
  • English – Active
  • German – Passive
  • 10 Fingers Typing
  • Project Management – sample (Czech language)

Computer Knowledge

  • Webdesign
  • Website hosting
  • Programming – Frontend/Backend
  • Server administration – Debian/Fedora based distributions
  • Networking – Wired/Wireless
  • Cloud service installation and hosting
  • Web information scraping
  • and many more…


  • Singing
  • Guitar
  • Photography
  • Cycling

Courses I’ve attended

University of Economics in Prague

  • Environmental Economics and Policy (2ZP501)
  • Methodology of Economics (5FI321)
  • Lean Management (3MA552)
  • Project Management IS/ICT (4IT414)
  • Enterprise Information Modelling (4IT415)
  • Foundations of Neurosciences (4IT420)
  • Simulation of Systems (4IT496)
  • Complex Systems (4IT636)
  • Intelligent System (4IZ631)
  • Introduction to the Systems Theory (4SA416)
  • Information and Inference Theory (4IZ410)
  • Rhetorics (5FI320)
  • Cognitive Science (5FI404)
  • Introduction to the Science Religion – (5FI417)
  • Philosophy 1 (5FI421)
  • Philosophy 2 (5FI422)
  • Philosophy 3 (5FI423)
  • Phenomenological Philosophy (5FI424)
  • Theory of Spontaneous Order and Self-Organization (5FI425)
  • Knowledge and Ontological Engineering (5FI430)

Brno University of Technology

  • Seminar of physics (25475/IFS)
  • Discrete Mathematics (25402/IDS)
  • Assembly Languages (25416/ISA)
  • Introduction To Programming Systems (25406/IZP)
  • Introduction To Software Engineering (25405/IUS)
  • Circuit Theory (25404/ITO)
  • Computer Hardware (25283/IPR)
  • Digital Systems Design (25289/INC)
  • Mathematical Analysis (25282/IMA)
  • Operating Systems (25285/IOS)
  • Physics (25280/IFY)
  • New Headway Intermediate 2 (26872/BAN4)
  • Algorithms (26695/IAL)
  • Rhetoric (25280/RET)
  • Signals and Systems (29438/ISS)
  • Numerical Methods and Probability (29426/INM)
  • Formal Languages and Compilers (29416/IFJ)
  • Educational Psychology (29514/IPSO)
  • Design of Computer Systems (29427/INP)
  • Principles of Programming Languages (29431/IPP)
  • Network Cabling and Routing (CCNA1+CCNA2) (29388/I1C)
  • Database Systems (29415/IDS)
  • Fundamentals of Artificial Intelligence (29448/IZU)
  • Computer Communications and Networks (29429/IPK)
  • Computer Graphics Principles (29446/IZG)
  • LAN Switching, Accessing the WAN (CCNA3+4) (31685/I2C)
  • Culture of Speech and the Generation of Texts (31703/IKPT)
  • Information Systems (31652/IIS)
  • Peripheral Devices (31667/IPZ)
  • Microprocessors and Embedded Systems (31656/IMP)
  • Modelling and Simulation (31657/IMS)
  • Network Applications and Network Administration (31669/ISA)
  • Term Project (31672/ISP)
  • User Interface Programming (31676/ITU)
  • Engineering Pedagogy and Didactics (31739/IIPD)
  • English: Preparatory Course for FCE Exam (31797/FCE)
  • The C++ Programming Language (31647/ICP)

Czech Technical University in Prague

  • Signal Processing (A6M31ANS)
  • Safety in Electrical Engineering 3 (A6M33BP3)
  • Physiology and Anatomy (A6M33FZG)
  • Medical Informatics (A6M33LI)
  • Assistive Technologies and Patient Supervision Systems (A6M33AST)
  • Medical Terminology (A6M33LTE)
  • Safety of Electric and Non-electric Devices and Management of Medical Technology (A6M33BEZ)
  • Biophysics (A6M02BFY)
  • Physics for Therapy (A6M02FPT)
  • Medical Imaging Systems (A6M33ZSL)
  • First Aid Training Course (A6M33ZPP)
  • Molecular Biology and Genetics (A6M33MBG)
  • Digital Photography (A7B33DIF)